Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Fun Day

My late morning start getting out to Standing Rocks turned out to be worth all the running around before I left the house. After my first lap I rolled into the parking lot to find lots of familiar faces from the Milwaukee area in a busy parking lot. I ended up going out for a 2nd lap with Russell, Ronsta, Bubba and too many other names to mention. It was fun having a group to ride with as I'm usually always riding solo when I'm on these trails.

The other great thing about Sunday was seeing my 5 year old daughter ride her bicycle for the first time without training wheels. Now I've got a new training partner for my easy days. Pedal on...


Ronsta, said...

Scott, thanks a ton for showing us around! Loved the trails!

Anytime your down here to ride let me know!

The Shed Master said...

Thanks again Scott!

Scott Cole said...

I'm glad everybody seemed to like the Standing Rock singletrack. It was great seeing so many enjoy the trail system that been a work in progress for half a dozen years in my area. Sometimes we take trails like this for granted. One of these years I hope to make it down for one of the Tosa rides if I can fit into my crazy schedule. See you guys at the Reforestation Camp this weekend.

bubba said...

Scott..Thanks again for the guided tour.
Most excellent trails for sure.

Well worth a day trip from Tosa-town.

Bubba and Megan.