Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ramble Through the Camp

I'm back to my old self and feeling competitive again after a very fun and satisfying 13th overall in the WORS Pro/Elite race today. I had started to question what I was doing still racing mountain bikes at my age after the Border Battle two weeks ago. I've always told myself that when racing stops being fun, that's when it's time to take the number plate off. I need to thank a lot of great friends for being there for me and helping out these last few weeks as I worked through some rough times on the home front where things are definitely getting better now. The one great thing about the WORS series and participating in it are all the great people you meet and become friends with. If and when I do stop competing, it will be the people that I'll miss more than the racing. Next up on the race schedule: the Copper Harbor Fat Tire Festival next weekend. Pedal on...

Photo by Wolfgang

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1 comment:

Kyia said...

Great Job Scott! Glad you were able to pull yourself out of your funk! Now I'll really have my work cut out if I want to catch your wheel at the Cheq! Peadal On!