Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Favorite Things About Racing Solo at 24-9

* Family support.
* Friends (WBR/Siren Team) and their families that we set up our pit next to.
* I get to run at the start of the race in my mtn bike shoes.
* Not really any congestion on the trails except for spectators in section 6.
* Riding my bike this long is like a mini vacation for me.
* Having a great pit crew that takes care of me every lap that’s really energetic and does whatever it takes (sometimes their mean) to get me to the finish line.
* Flowing through the singletrack in the midnight hours with only a narrow ribbon of trail being lit up by my lights.
* I’m always jealous of the 12 hr solos for about an hour after their finish and they have had their first beer.
* Sometime after midnight the soul cleansing begins as I ask & answer questions out loud.
* Being motivated by my crew chief & others as I cross Red Bud Rd every lap.
* The aid stations rule with music, jumps & costumes (Checkpoint Charlie, 4 Corners, & Red Bud Rd).
* The volunteers who make the race memorable.
* The sunrise that is always beautiful and signals that the end is getting close.
* Having a safe race and finishing strong.

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Endurosnob said...

You can still have the beer after 12 hours. It's just a bit harder to keep from spilling it. ;-)