Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura!

A day off and some family activities planned today before I take my lovely wife out on the town tonight for her birthday celebration. She's pretty amazing as a mom, wife and my best friend to have put up with me for the last 19 plus years as I continue to chase my dream of being a top elite mountain bike endurance racer. I always know that family trumps anything else in my life and that riding my bike for fun or competition is just an added bonus.

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8 Days & counting. Pedal on...


adam said...

oddly enough i'm in town from tuesday till sunday next week and will have a bike with me, let me know if you wanna do some laps at nine mile

Scott Cole said...

Adam - I'm planning on riding at 9-mile on this Sunday morning starting at 9am. Too bad you weren't here a few days earlier.