Friday, June 12, 2009


Even though all three riders who were hit Tuesday were wearing helmets, the collision was the worst Warren has seen in his several years as a trooper, he said.

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The collision weighed heavily on many members of Tulsa’s cycling community, who contend with aggressive drivers on almost every ride, said Carolyn Fairless, a member of the Tulsa Bicycle Club.

“We’re very much aware of how vulnerable we are as bicyclists,” she said. “I’m all about bicyclists rights to share the road, but we’re no match for a vehicle.”

Source: Tulsa World

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adam said...

every morning i meet a older lady commuter, I usually judge my time by where i meet her, (the cross walk I'm on time, the bridge I'm late) anyways saw her this morning but she was surrounded by paramedics along with another cyclist at the Santa Fe exit/crosswalk. Pretty sad stuff dont know what happened but defiantly sucks, wish there was an easier way to get people to watch out and pay attention.

ride and drive safe everyone