Friday, June 12, 2009

Damaged, but Not Out

Got a clean bill of health concerning the blood work and chest x-ray from the doc on Wednesday except for my where my clavicle meets the sternum. I'm on some meds now to make the protrusion(lump) that sticks out go away hopefully. Feels OK on the bike, but painful and annoying at other times with the pressure it puts on my upper chest. It looks like I'll need Lee's roll of DUCT TAPE from from the Mohican 100 to get me thru the LumberJack 100 on June 20th after all. Yesterday I tested the old body with a good number of intervals and I seem to be all right on the bike. This last week has probably done me a lot more good as it's caused me to back off on the training along with letting my body and mind recover while spending some good quality time with the family.

For the Lumberjack, Mark and I have decided to take the car ferry from Manitowoc to Ludington at midnight on that Thursday night before. This will get us into Michigan at breakfast time on Friday and give us the whole day to pre-ride some of the course and get our pit area set up for the race with time to relax also. It's an added expense, but better than wasting the day in the car trying to survive through Chicago.

Good luck to the Siren/WBF endurance team(Chris, Brad & Todd) this weekend at the 24hrs of Big Bear!

Pedal on...

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