Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Point to Appleton

This ride almost didn't happen yesterday as laziness and other issues were hampering my mental state to get me out the door on time. At 7:50am with 75 miles from my door to the Barnes & Noble parking lot ahead of me I had exactly 4 hrs to get to the pick-up point where my wife and kids were waiting for our noontime appointment at the Fox River Mall food court. To make a long post short, I made it in exactly 4 hrs of ride time with one bottle re-fill stop and a coffee break out on a remote back country road. The pick-up was reminiscent of a 24 hr solo pit stop with my wife waiting at the car with the hatch open and a superman like clothing change ready to happen. With a quick change in the front seat of the car complete we were off to the Mall across the street and walking into the food court entrance about two minutes late with no penalties given. After a good meeting, meal and drink it was a wrap for the day with some mall wandering with the family for two hours of window shopping.

Yes, my legs still feel last Saturday's Mohican 100, but I should see enough recovery for this weekends WORS Big Ring race to be respectable that is just another painful piece to the giant training puzzle that's laid out for the next few months. Pedal on...

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rusty wrycza said...

44f/7c < not exactly your arm-warmer free XC road ride -