Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Mohawk 100 Journey Begins

It's so cool what you can do now with technology as I'm posting to this(my) blog while on the Hwy heading towards Madtown to hitch a ride with fellow endurance racer Lee "GT" Unwin. It sounds crazy, but these long road trips are what I sometimes enjoy the most about racing after 20 plus years of competing. Being away from the daily grind with good friends and the 100 mile mtb challenge that awaits the three of us on Saturday morning is what keeps me racing year after year. It also helps to have an amazing variety of terrain that we'll pedal into once the gun goes off at 7am in downtown Loudonville, OH. it can't get any better! Pedal on...
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Jesse said...

Good luck to all of you down there! And most importantly, HAVE SOME FUN!