Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Up, Up & Away!

Had the chance to meet up with my good friend Tim today at Rib Mountain in Wausau for some Alp du Rib style climbing intervals on the road that leads up to the state park. The weather was just about perfect for climbing at 50 degrees and sunny with the temps dropping slightly at the top where snow was still on the ground from the Granite Peak Ski runs. The road was a bit sketchy on the descents with sand everywhere from this winter which made us more cautious and kept our downhill speeds around 40mph. I definitely do not need to be hanging it out on a downhill right now with my shoulder slowly getting better. My mountain bike keeps begging to be ridden, but at this time I'm not worthy enough to even try singletrack on it for another ten or more days. I hoping that when my brother and I go to Michigan in May I'll be comfortable enough to ride the bike the way it's meant to be ridden...HARD & FAST. Enjoy the weather if you can. We have a 2-3 day window of higher temps before Sunday turns miserable since a club ride is planned. Pedal on...

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