Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miles & Kids

Things are starting to crank up with my riding becoming more consistent now that my shoulder is feeling better on a daily basis. I had a chance to do the NUE Cohutta 100, but have decided to skip it since my shoulder isn't mountain bike ready yet. Yesterday morning was good with a 40 mile extended commute into work with some good hill pick-ups throughout my chosen route. I rewarded myself after a long day at work with the 13 mile commute option home with my brother before settling in for the night with the family. Over the last year I've found that it's guaranteed to always be exciting and a different scenario whenever I walk in the door after a ride. This is because you never know what will be going on with a one and five year old trying to take over the house or figuring out how to destroy it. This usually only happens when dinner is being prepared, but one of these days they'll probably figure out how to barricade mommy into a room so they will reign supreme over the pets and their mom. Last night I had a shocking surprise as I attempted to shower after my ride and a fully clothed little guy decided to give me a heart attack and get into the shower with me. I have learned that when you have kids, there is no real private or quiet time for yourself unless they are tucked into bed sound asleep, at school, off playing at a friends house, or I'm out on a training ride. Even then, they still dominate my thoughts constantly because I'm blessed to be a parent of two great kids. Pedal on...

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