Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shedding Layers

It's got to be a good day when it doesn't take 20 minutes to figure out the correct layers of clothing for a ride. For the first time this year no tights, just leg warmers with my Adventure 212 shorts along with a jersey over a short sleeve base layer and arm warmers. The temps predicted today will be in the mid 60's with the wind directly out of the West at about 10mph. The roads still have lots of sand and salt on them which will keep my road bike in the basement until we get a good rain to clean the pavement off. My TriCross is getting chosen for all of this weeks mileage with this heat wave that is upon us after retiring the LeMond with its studded tires until next Winter. With work ending at 4pm today it looks like a good day to take advantage of the weather and log some good miles in the saddle. Pedal on...

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