Friday, February 06, 2009


Today's weather is going to be awesome! If you live someplace other than Wisconsin it's probably not all that exciting. For me in February when the temps hit the 30 degree marker or higher it's like winning the lottery in terms of training time away from the trainer in the basement. With this warm spell I'm going to pick one of my cross bikes and try to get lost East of town today for a handful of hours. Some photos to come later with a review of the Bar Mitts that should keep my hands toasty warm.

***For those interested, my 2009 Large Epic S-Works comes in at 22 lbs stock without pedals, without removing the tubes and replacing them with Stan's sealant that will knock a few grams off, and a few other personal component favorites that I prefer. This may be the lightest mountain bike I've owned since the late 90's and back then they were all hard tails. Pedal on...

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enduroloco said...

my turner was around 25 and I just got a bunch of cool stuff from Titec so we'll see how much lighter that one will get. 22lbs??? that is pretty sick this may be a weapon of choice down the road when the turner no longer works for me.