Friday, December 05, 2008


The weather has finally turned for the worse with a big goose egg coming up on the current morning weather details in Central Wisconsin. I commuted into work the first two days of the week and have been thinking about riding in this morning if we see double digits on my desktop pop-up before it’s time to head out the door. Sometimes the lure of driving seems easier until you spend ten minutes scrapping ice off the windows and by the time you get to work your vehicle still hasn’t warmed up. At least with getting on my bike you warm up quickly after the initial shock after the garage door shuts behind you and you always feel likes it's going to be a good day when you walk into your work place. It looks like the trainer will be called back into action in the very near future once I get my training cave organized in the basement. Movie marathons and/or the watching of House and Lost DVD’s are some of the ways I try to make the time go by faster as you pedal to nowhere. On the racing front I have no real news to update on about the bike and/or sponsors for this next season as I’m still waiting on info to come back from a few contacts in the bike industry. I still need to sell my 29’er and S-Works FSR Stumpy. If you're interested get in touch. Getting all this stuff lined up early does help with my training motivation as it gives me something to look forward to as my program gets me out on the bike in conditions that are tolerable. Remember to ride with caution if you ‘re out on the roads with the volatile mix of snow, ice and cars. Here is a good LINK to checkout. Pedal on…

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