Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Great Morning
This morning is our court hearing to finalize Sebastian's adoption. It's hard to believe that the six months have gone by so fast since bringing him into our family. For me it's another special day that we have to be thankful for and for Seb it will be like having a second birthday every year in the years to come. Health wise everyone in the Scoletrain household seems to be slowly recovering from the early weeks bout with the stomach virus that ran rampant through the house.

On the biking front, the Adventure 212 team is slowly picking up team sponsors for next season thanks to the hard work of T-Bender. Over the next week I hope to have my S-Works Stumpjumper FSR ready to sell with all the help that my brother has been with getting it cleaned up and presentable. Selling and dreaming about new bikes for the coming season always brings with it motivation to train through the depressing Winter months along with my thoughts and plans to conquer Trans Iowa in May. Pedal on...


Chris said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Seb's 2nd b-day will be close to Sprout's. Yeah!

Charlie Farrow said...

Hey Scott: Itz pretty cool to be a fast bike racer...But to be a Great Dad is the most important thing a guy can ever be...and I bet that you are a GREAT DAD.
ps Letz team up to defeat the youth of America at the T.I.