Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Day #2 w/ Sick Child
  • Tuesday I went through lots of Kleenex and books in the morning with the little/big guy
  • His appetite is not back, but Seb can make a mess out of a whatever is in front of him
  • The mailman brightened my day up with the new VeloNews featuring the CycloCross Guide that revived me during another long nap
  • I discovered a new tool (apple slicer) in the kitchen along with others I've never seen
  • Got out on the 29'er mountain bike for a short ride before dark with Mark
  • Seb seems to be getting better, but Laura is now sick with a fever and sore throat
  • Hopefully I'll survive this week as I'm heading to work today after daycare drops and a short commute


Unwin said...

Any thoughts on some out of state racing next year, Cohutta, DSG, Mohican,Lumberjack. 24 of Old Pueblo.

Scott Cole said...

Sign me up! I was about to get in touch with you about some road trips for next year. Let me know if you're up in the Wisc Rapids area at all this Fall. Scott