Friday, September 05, 2008

Long Week
Thankfully Friday is almost past as the week was an endurance event in itself. Coming off a holiday has really messed with training, work and family time. To end the work week on a high note, we just witnessed a huge family moment a few hours ago when Sebastian took one giant step for a toddler and walked across the living room. Like the rookie parents we are, Laura had the right mindset to grab the video camera and capture almost three minutes of him bouncing around like a pinball. This was one of those experiences that is hard to describe and totally makes everything else seem meaningless that happened throughout the week. Pedal on...

Tentative Fall Race Schedule:
WORS Smokin Spoke
Chequamegon Fat Tire 40
WORS Wolf River Rendezvous
WEMS Thunderdown in the Underdown
WORS Wigwam MTB Challenge
IceMan Cometh

Click HERE for a very worthy and interesting 24 hour race report.


Edward said...

See you at the smokin spoke. We are going to preride the course in a couple hours.

Scott Cole said...

Butch - Call me if you have a chance with how the course was today. Thanks. Scott

Bear said...

No 12 Hours of Blue Mound on 9/20?

Come on down and give it a go!

Scott Cole said...

I'd love be at the 12 hrs of Blue Mound but work gets in the way that day. Maybe next year.

enduroloco said...

This will be fun having out at the underdown. I can't wait to share that course with ya for 12 hours. Enjoy Chequamegon.

Chris said...

Awesome for Seb! Holy cow, now you have TWO mobile. WOW!!