Monday, July 07, 2008

WORS FireCracker Report
Just getting to the finish line was my main goal after having a very bad second lap yesterday. My short version of the lap starts off with me slamming my knee into the h-bar stem in the pine tree section followed immediately by some sort of insect attaching to my lower lip and stinging me. From that point I just wanted to get the lap over with until I moved over for a former WORS series champ who had flatted earlier and as he went past I found a large hidden stump in the tall grass that took me down instantly without any time to react. After straightening my h-bars I rolled through to start the third lap and finally just decided to ride the course and concentrate on being smooth as the lap actually got better as I focused on finishing with all my body parts intact. I eventually finished back in the field, but was able to finish strong and turned a bad day into a fun ride. Overall it was a good test of pushing through some bad luck that will only make me mentally stronger when the long race comes in less than a month. Again the bike and all the great parts and accessories got me through another race performing better than I did. Thanks to Craig Manthe for putting together a great course and to all the other volunteers. Pedal on...

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