Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday RR
As the countdown continues towards the beginning of August, I was successful in reviving my old worn out legs with a good quality road ride last night. As usual, we had the good hard efforts once everyone was warmed up before re-grouping and riding a good steady pace back into town. Today's going to be all about cruising around the local city trails after work to try and get my Stumpy FSR dialed in without worrying about distance or speed. Later tonight will be my attempt at tubeless conversions on my sunRINGLE wheels. Pedal on...


Chris said...

Good luck on the conversion -- it just takes patience. Which tires?

We're definitely coming up to 9 Mile this weekend. Saturday afternoon ride-dinner-Saturday night ride-sleep-early Sunday ride. Are you able to sneak away?

Capital Off Road Pathfinders said...

Nice little race down by Madison this weekend if anybody is interested.

12 Hours of Blue Mound (3, 6, and 12 hour categories). Rocks we've got.