Monday, July 28, 2008

The Questions I Get Asked the Most

  1. Who's on your team? Me and my pit crew.
  2. Why do you do those 24 hour bicycle races? It's different, fun and I have done well in the past at these events.
  3. Why make yourself suffer? Being on a bike is not suffering, working 9-5 is suffering.
  4. What do you think about when you're tired and it's 3am in the morning during the race? Most of the time at 24-9 I think about reversing the course after lots of laps and I seem to take inventory on everything that's happened in my life up to that point. Talking and answering to myself out loud is pretty common as I pedal towards sunrise.


mountaingoat said...

1: I'm on Jerry's team. We have Barb, Destiny, and Kyra as pit crew. Kevin is out wrench and Amy and Lori will be there to make fun of us.

2: Someone once said it was fun. It is most of the time but it sucks a few times.

3: I wanted to do a Duo to see how much suffering I can take.

4: Coffee.

mdcmoto said...

1. myself for 12 hours
2. got tired of being pit crew
3. what else is there to do
4. i'm done thinking

enduroloco said...

1. Me and my wife for support

2. Because of the challenge and it's better than sitting in a bar all night.

3. You only suffer as much as you allow yourself to as it's all mental.

4. Usually think about what I am going to do in the future. What races I want to try, places to vacation, stuff like that and just like you said usually out loud.

Chris said...

1. Me. Kim. This year: Ian, my mom and dad, Brad, Dennis, Todd, Bonnie and a bunch of other crazy folks.

2. What better way to spend 24 hours of your life? All I gotta' do is pedal.

3. See No. 2

4. Oatmeal.

EXPO Racing said...

1. Me, Trixie, Pops, Shelley, Aris and Theo(part time), Brandon, Jordan, Griffin, Joe, Peter...Man is it going to be crowded.

2. First it was 6hr, then 12. I did well in my first 24hr and got hooked. It truly is FUN.

3. I don't know. Each time I complete one, I just become even more motivated to do it again.

4. Red Bud Rd. There are times durring the longer first half of the course that I could just stop and fall of my bike to fall asleep in the ferns. Then, all of the sudden, you hear the thumping comming from the party on Red Bud.