Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trail Creatures
Tonight I made it out to Standing Rocks for the first time in three weeks. Scott Sherman, my Olympic Supply Company rep and I made the most of a great evening to get a lap in before dark. We had some spectators as you can see from the pictures below.

Scott Sherman barely escapes with his life as the baby raccoons get ready to attack.

Behind this little guy are the other two that are hidden by the tree. It was quite a surprise as your flowing through the trails and all of a sudden three baby raccoons are right in front of you before they escaped up the trees. Mama raccoon was about 10 feet to our left in a tree making some pretty aggressive sounding noises.


Edward said...

We seen two bears the other night. The one women with us told her husband don't you leave me. I told you don't have to out run the bear just the slowest rider.

mdcmoto said...

Animal Conspiracy! They are trying to take the trails back...or trying to steal your bikes. Kinda look like crooks.