Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Next Up

Only a week to go before I'm packing up the bikes and family for another long road trip to quench my thirst for endurance mtb events. I just got my bike detoxed from the Mohican mud and it seems that the week is going by way too fast. The LumberJack is in my home state which makes it easy to include a visit with my parents and an overnight stay in the old neighborhood. My legs seem to be good and recovered from the weekend after cruising through the Tuesday night club road ride and if the weather holds out Standings Rocks could be a possibility tonight for a few hours of flowing singletrack. We'll need to wait on the weather Gods and parks department to see if the trails are open with the forecast being so unpredictable. On a note better than the weather, I did get news of some goodies on their way from ERGON and TWIN 6 that should land before the end of the week that will brighten up the bike and possibly make this old guy look faster in my dreams. Pedal on...

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