Friday, June 06, 2008

New T6 Goodies Make Another Bad Weather Day Better

It looks like an after work ride today with this damn week long weather system that won't go away. I had thought about trying to get out in between storm cells, but it didn't happen with ScoleTrain Jr. ready for breakfast or whatever you put on his highchair. The only positive to wet week is that my cold is almost cleared up and I should be more comfortable on my saddle after slowly healing up from the Mohican. A little R & R is always good as you gain from your recovery days if they are planned or when nature decides to alter your schedule.

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Charlie Farrow said...

Scott, Good luck at Michigan 100...Must be interesting to line up with Floyd!!!!
Here's to the old guyz!!!!
Best regards,

ps Joe K. from Michigan the guy that finish second in the T.I. will be there as well...