Sunday, June 08, 2008

Got a Ride In
Will it ever clear up and be sunny? Today I thought that I screwed up by not riding earlier in the morning after we eventually got dumped on hard just after 10:30am. Handling light rain showers earlier in the morning would have been no problem in this warm weather, but experiencing a torrential downpour is not why I like riding my bike. After getting ready inside, I had the garage door open, bike ready to roll, and the clouds opened up to the point where I would have been soaked by the time I hit the four way stop in our neighborhood a block away. Back inside, riding kit hastily taken off, shower time and I decided to sort out the box room which isn't very exciting. Around 1pm the sky brightens up and I decide to try and get out again. This time it looked good as I kept adding distance heading East from town until I eventually hit the Iola WORS venue and climbed up and over the Wasrud hill and down to Trout Creek road to head West and back home. My luck came close to ending with about 15 miles left as I passed Big D's driveway and the WORS mailbox when the skies darkened and the wind began to pick up in an unfavorable direction. Eventually I made it home with about 5 minutes to spare before the thunder and rain covered our neighborhood again. Hopefully the weather will clear up before we start our journey to the LumberJack later this week. Pedal on...

Map of Iola Loop Iola Loop

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EXPO Racing said...

Looks like a super fun loop.

We almost stayed dry today.