Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dry Day Off
Sunny and very warm is something that most of my days off haven't seen in a long time. This morning I made the most of it with a ride out to Standing Rocks for a lap of single track and some good hard pickups on the rail trail coming back into town with a headwind blowing hard as usual. The rest of my day looks to include sand and water with the kids at the local park and some TLC for my dirty bikes. Here's a tentative look at what races I have on my calendar for the rest of 2008:
  • Eau Claire Firecracker WORS
  • Franklin Metro Challenge WEMS
  • Wausau 24-9 TBD???
  • River Falls Border Battle WORS
  • Rhinelander Smokin Spoke WORS
  • Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest
  • Shawano Wolf River Rendezvous WORS
  • Sheboygan Wigwam WORS
  • Traverse City IceMan Cometh
Pedal on...


Coffee King (CK) said...

Looks like you'll be at most of the WORS races to end the year - good to see. We're likley to stop in at Standing Rocks on a weekday next week. Any chance on hooking up for a ride? Perhaps you have a weekday off? I'd at least like to visit your shop on the way through.

ScoleTrain said...

I have next weekend off which helps to make the holiday weekend longer. I'll check my schedule to see what days I'm only on until 5pm. Scott

Chris said...

Doesn't TBA mean "To Be Announced" vs. "To Be Determined"? That just means we're waiting for the announcement, right?!

Brad and I are headed to 9 Mile on Sunday (Levis Trow tomorrow), and then again in 2 weeks probably. You around?

ScoleTrain said...

What time on Sunday at 9-Mile? I'm free to ride. Call me if you need to on my cell. Scott