Monday, May 07, 2007

WORS #1 Iola
Sunday's race went a lot better and somewhat pain free as I worked hard for an 18th overall in the Elite category and 2nd in the 40-44 age group. I had joked about wanting some other part of my body to hurt instead of my Achilles and it did happen as I took a layer of skin off my shoulder while passing Comp racers and using a tree as a support to not fall over. My lap times were consistent with times being 21:25, 22:02, 21:57, 22:08, and 22:06 for the five lap race. This was a relief as my heavy legs from my Trans Iowa attempt had been haunting me all week and this race was my first real hard effort of the year as all of my miles have been about surviving hundreds of miles where speed isn't important. My new Specialized S-Works was awesome with this just being my second ride on the bike. The bike is fast and it climbs like a mountain goat even with the gold bling-bling chain. Also, my new sleek green Ergon GX2 series carbon team grips were amazing with the comfort and control that I've been experiencing for the last two years. No more wrist pain or hand numbness. How can you beat that? Thanks to Mr. 24 and Ergon for the hook-up this season. Time to recover and recharge this week.

My favorite racing number - 19

My brother Mark cruzin during the Comp race.

Our Specialized rep Pete showing us who's #1.

All photos taken by RUSTY except for S-rep Pete's pic that was taken by Mark. Thanks!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Awesome ride! Good to hear you are dig'n the new GX grips!

Scoletrain said...

Thanks Jeff. You needed the dry weather we had this weekend. Your race looked awful.

jaco said...

Nice Race Scott!

enduroloco said...

I'm looking for those grips with the cabon ends built right in are those the GX ones you were speaking of?

a.heil said...

good job to both you and mark