Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Night Training Rides

Change of Location

This ride no longer leaves from the Hostel Shoppe. See below for new location in Stevens Point.

The Ride: www.heartlandclub.org (Evening rides)
This group leaves from the Goerke Field House East Parking Lot, between the Field House and Willett Ice Arena, 1000 Minnesota Ave., at 5:30 PM each Tuesday. Depending on those who show up, we ride local routes of 35-60 miles. After a short 3-8 mile warm up, we usually settle into cruise speeds of 20-23mph (no wind, flat terrain), and usually average overall 19-21 mph for the ride. This ride is continuous, except for traffic stops. If riders desire, the group will try to stay together, staying away from paces or accelerations that drop fellow riders. But usually those who show up are interested in being a bit more competitive, and the group "hammers" to see who's strongest, especially on the hills.

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