Sunday, May 20, 2007

Treadfest WORS #2 Lake Geneva

Photo byRusty

  • Treadfest = Mudfest

  • Tires sucked. but did it really make a difference?

  • 13th Overall Elite(missed cash by one place)

  • 1st 40-44 Elite Men(Another medal for daughter to play with)

  • 40 lb race bike to clean or to identify as a bike again

  • Crashed hard on podium

  • Bruised body and ego...


mountaingoat said...

I don't think any tires would have helped much. Nice race.

Jesse said...

Way to rock the stars and hearts. You raced tough. I'll give you a medal for most versatile. Trans-Iowa to WORS! Hope the podium wipeout wasn't as bad as it looked.

enduroloco said...

Good work yesterday...I missed the podium crash hope nothing critical was damaged.

A couple of guys are going to Nine Mile on Monday to ride I'll be there at 11 am (5/28) let me know if you want to stop out.

Due to a teammate departure I will be doing 24 solo at 24/9. Now I am working on a crew and lights.
Will any usac license be allowed to compete for the national championship?

Scoletrain said...

The podium nightmare has really bruised my lower back in a few spots. I commuted to work and it felt so-so once I was warmed up. I think I need an Advil sponsor to go along with my massage sponsor. I should be ready for Wausau.

E-mail the guys at the 24-9 site. I'm not sure if it's only the mtb license or if it includes the road license also. I'll let you know about riding at 9-mile on Memorial Day.