Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Gravel Grinding
My easy ride this morning ended up being on the cross bike as the trail around town was still wet. I did get to roll through roughly 15 miles of various types of gravel roads on the 45 mile loop I rode. My 700x32 tires were fine when finding the right line to follow, but with the weather patterns lately I might opt for a bigger profile tire for Trans Iowa. My legs are feeling better and the dark chocolate bunny from Easter was a good recovery treat along with the easy ride today even though the wind is still trying to make riding somewhat painful. The temperature did reach a toasty forty something which turned out to be a welcome surprise. Wednesday morning looks to be an off-road snow ride if the weather forecast is correct.

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enduroloco said...

I want to get out on the mountain bike and get it dialed in this weekend, but it looks like this will have to take place in the snow...no worries though might actually be fun.