Friday, October 13, 2006

TGIF-Friday the 13th
It's hard to believe that one week ago I was pre-riding the 96 Olympic mountain bike course in 80-90 degree sunny weather getting ready for my biggest race of the year. Yesterday brought me back to reality as the 20 something degree weather and gale force winds made riding to work a pain in the butt once the pain hit and I realized that my bottom hadn't healed completely after being on the bike for 24 hours and only changing biking shorts one time. I opted out of the commute home partly because of the headwind, snow, colder temps and I was the closer which made it even seem later in the evening. This weekend will be my official return to training with a possible moutain bike lesson/ride with one of the fastest spinning females I've ever seen from my YMCA spinning class last winter who has gotten interested in the sport of mountain biking. It all depends of course on the weather if Standing Rocks will be open. This winter like change in the weather has been crazy. It's time for work again as I dream about new bikes for next season and what my race schedule may look like. Spin fast...

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