Thursday, October 12, 2006

On the Bike Again
Three days off the bike is just too much when your body is programmed to ride. This morning may be a chilly commute with the temps at 27 degrees with the highs not likely reaching forty today. Yesterdays snow flurries seemed a bit strange after being down south in seventy to ninety degree temps this past weekend. Maybe this is a sign that the IceMan Cometh will be an icy white adventure again with snow replacing the sand from the last few years when we race from Kalkaska to Traverse City the first weekend in November.

My body seems to be recovering well from the solo worlds this week so far with no hand numbing thanks to my Ergon grips and the up front damage control given to me during the race from my pit crew. The crew included (Steve, my team director from Salt Lake City)-that handled all my fueling needs along with taking care of my knee issue, and the lead guy keeping me going lap after lap even though I wasn't very nice to him before the start of lap 25,(Mark my brother)-head wrench, light guy, and photo guy of the race action along with some non-bike related pictures, and (Kyle, Mr. FedX)-who helped with the pit set-up, any grunt work leading up to the race, and who was always helping to motivate me in the pits or scare the crap out of me in the middle of the night on course with his camera. These three guys are the reason I finished strong and this race would have been impossible without them suffering through the cold night in the pits, at the feed zones, and out on the rocky sections of the course motivating me to push on.
Thanks guys!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Scott you sure had a great pitcrew helping behind the scenes. The temp at night dropped down to a very damp 50 degrees. My photo addiction kept me occupied. In the end you are the heart and soul that kept the Scoletrain moving and thats all we needed to keep the pitcrew motivated. Thnx for being such and iron man. You've got a bike addiction. That's ok we are here for you. Congradulations on your safe and very noble top 10 finish "in the world"! Glad to have been part of it. Can we do it again next year???

PitCrew kYLE