Monday, October 09, 2006

Race Summary

Felt great at start.

Right knee painful when pedaling seated.

Ice and longer pit stops to limit damage.

Plan B - Make it to the finish somehow?

Changed bikes and right shoe insole.

Happy Thoughts.

Laps got faster and consistent.

Knee pain went away when other body parts began hurting.

Moved up 7-8 positions in last six hours.

Threatened by my pit crew to gut out one more lap or they'd hang me in the pit tent by my neck that resulted in me moving up to 10th place overall in the last hour.

Happy to finish my LAST 24 hour solo race with a good result and experience...

Taco Bell has never tasted better.


Jeff Kerkove said...

No more 24? Why?

threewheelcowboy said...

Last 24, must be the pain talking.

Scott Cole said...

LAST could be just for this year or forever? I'm not sure at this time with the adoption of our daughter that happened just before 9-Mile Nationals what next year will bring time wise. Keep harassing me and maybe I'll feel guilty enough to road trip to an endurance event with you next season or I'll come down for the Trans-Iowa event. I'll still train just as much. If I could get more support(sponsors) anything is possible.
I hope your hand surgery went well this week.