Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday-On The Road Again
The drive of 1000 miles back to Cheesehead land starting today may be the most brutal part of this whole weekend. I have the typical body aches that come with this event plus a few more issues with my left wrist and right knee. None of these were caused by crashing as I stayed on the bike without any close calls for the entire race. This is in my opinion, the hardest course I've ever ridden. 24-9's course is to me like a ride through the park if I were comparing the two.

More on the race later tonight once we stop to sleep somewhere north of Louisville.

Thanks to my family, friends and sponsors who have supported me this season making this race possible.


mountaingoat said...

Tenth place, that's awesome Scott. The last update I saw Sunday morning put you at 17?. Nice way to kick it in the final hours and gain some ground.

ronsta said...

Awesome job dude!