Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Late Night
After working too many hours today and barely staying awake through a ski clinic, I'm looking forward to a bike ride of any type tomorrow morning before work. Yesterday, I got out for a 90 minute road ride after working on the mountain bike trails for two hours in the morning. Jim and I re-routed a corner on section 13 with some pretty impressive benching. My knee seemed to be fine on my ride with no pain at all on the road bike. This gives me some motivation to make it through the next few weeks of training before my final race of the season in what could actually be the IceMan Cometh this year with the weather pattern so far. All I hope for is some weather tomorrow that is in the forty to fifty degree range without any rain. Maybe I shouldn't hope too much with the small window of opportunity that I have to get a ride in before work.

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