Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Countdown to the IceMan
This mornings commute should be a good recovery ride with winds from 18mph to gusts over 40mph and a warm thirty to forty degrees. If I'm lucky I might get blown right past work as the winds are directly out of the west. A road ride to Appleton could be a record setter today if a guy was motivated enough and had a ride back to Point to eliminate aa possible head on wind that would ultimately turn into a death march. I'm starting to get excited about next year already even though I still have one more race this weekend. I've begun talking to different contacts and hope to have some loose ends tied up after the first of the year about equipment for the new season along with keeping current sponsors on board. Speaking of sponsors, I was checking out new Cat-Eye products in my catalog from InterBike when Jeff Kerkove's(Mr 24) picture on the second page jumped out at me yesterday. I believe that it's a pic from the race he won in Japan last year from the banners I could make out in the background. That's pretty cool!

I blew my Fox fork this past weekend and it looks like I'll be on my back up bike this weekend at the IceMan. Back to the Rockshox and Sram products which suite me just fine. It shouldn't make too much of a difference as I did ride 14 of my 25 laps at 24 hour world's on this bike. Today I drop off "Big D" at the airport as he travels to his first NORBA Board(USA Cycling) meeting since being elected this fall. I'm driving the WORS Subaru to Traverse City for the IceMan where we'll eventually pick "Big D" up at the airport on Friday afternoon. The weather forecast looks good for this weekend which could mean a pretty tame IceMan unless the Gods above decide to make the event live up to its name.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

So, I am in the CatEye catalog? Cool. I'll have to check that out.