Thursday, September 07, 2006

A big THANKS to John and JHL Mail Marketing, Inc. for his support/sponsorship in helping me get to the 24 hour Solo World Championships in Georgia this October.

My to do list for the day:

1. Dirty Diaper duty
2. Dress little person in a matching outfit
3. Breakfast for two
4. Coffee-Peace Coffee Heavy Pedal Roast
5. Get little person ready for daycare
6. Ride-20 mph avg road ride with Tri-Kim around DuBay
7. Organize garage
8. Commute to work
9. Work Late
10. Change tubeless tires for WORS race on Sunday
11. Dinner
12. Sleep
13. Dream about a new 2007 S-Works Epic


Anonymous said...

14. Get woke up by crying little person during the night.

Scoletrain said...

Good one! I forgot about that happening.