Thursday, June 01, 2006

Alarm Clock Issues
This morning I had planned to be on the bike for at least three hours before work, but the alarm clock demons got me again when I didn't check the AM/PM setting last night. Five AM flew by as I slept away my morning workout time. My substitute ride was for one hour with ten hill repeats thrown in to make me feel better about sleeping in. I'm hoping that the Specialized rep doesn't stand me up tonight as we had talked about riding at Standing Rocks after work. It would be nice to get some more singletrack time in before Sundays WORS race at 9-Mile.
The next few evening will keep me busy and up later at night trying to get my bike ready for this weekend along with my Salsa Dos Niner I'm trying to sell. I just need more hours in the week or maybe less time at work. My schedule today could play out like this: java-commute-work-commute-singletrack-avoid the bookclub meeting at my house this evening-bike race prep-sleep.

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