Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Part 2
Just under five hours of riding today with a mix of bike trail and singletrack with MarkDan. The 90 degree heat was tough today as this was the first hot day that I've put some good hours in on my new Specialized Epic mountain bike. The weather has been pretty mello this season and last weekends race was in the low 60's for the Elite start in the early afternoon. I'm hoping that today's hot ride will toughen me up for next weekend if the temps are in the 90's again. MarkDan and I were lucky that water was available at Standing Rocks today as we both drank all that we had carried with us. It looks like tomorrow will be an easy day as I'm pre-riding the WORS Big Ring course in Wausau. I had thought about pre-riding it today, but I'm out of fuel and have ridden enough on this blazing hot Memorial Day.

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