Sunday, April 30, 2006

Washed and Blow Dried
Myself and Kyle who is a college student, splashed through the wet morning ride with winds out of the SE at 20-25 mph making it seem like we entered a drive through car wash and exited it over two hours later. My ride plan was that we just needed to ride long enough in this weather to get some good mileage without being too miserable. With Kyle having a flat tire, and a long train stopping us in Rudolph, I was glad that I wasn't soloing this ride. Getting 45 miles in with a better part of Sunday to relax and get some shopping done around town made everyone happy at my house. This rain is good for the opening race for the WORS series at Iola. With a dry Spring this year they can use as much rain as possible this week. My Monday plan was to get more time in on the mountain bike at Standing Rocks with it being opening day for the mountain bike trails. With this rainfall the Park won't be opening the trails for at least two days after the rain stops and we will need the sun and wind to team up for a few days to dry things out before the IMBA Trail Crew arrives next Thursday. Hats off to all the racers at the Trans-Iowa V2 this weekend that started and faced severe weather conditions along with many momentum stopping gravel back roads.

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