Thursday, April 27, 2006

Iola WORS Course
Instead of riding the WORS singletrack at "Big D's", I drove out to the Iola Winter Sports Complex that is hosting race #1 in the WORS series this year to ride the race course with him. It was basically a lap of scouting the layout of the course and reviewing it with Phil who is the main man behind this event. The second lap consisted of the recommended changes along with multiple suggestions on typical concerns about the amount of singletrack versus ski trail, erosion, etc. Below is the preliminary elevation profile for the course along with a map. We made a few course changes after I recorded this data on second lap, so the final course layout will probably be around 4.6-4.8 miles. What you'll see if you follow the link below to Motion Based is the breakdown for all the stops and starts when we were looking at the course. I have no idea what a fast lap would be on this years course, but generally times have been below 30 minutes a lap or much faster. It's very dry at this time and rain would help the course greatly as parts of it are the sandiest I've seen since I was involved with the original layout in the late 90's.

MotionBased Invitation

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