Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cohutta Death March 100

Survived the Cohutta 100 this year with no mechanicals or thunderstorms to deal with!  Ended up 46th overall in the open field after a long, long day on the my mountain bike.  To sum it up, the middle of the race from mile 30 to 70 had me wondering, questioning and thinking about everything but climbing the damn Cohutta Mtn range.  If it wasn't for Chris Peariso's mechanical and his words as he rode with me to aid station 6, I never would have finished where I did or maybe not at all.  With a few uncontrollable body issues to deal with, I was in a very dark place mentally and very close to the edge of quitting looking like I wasn't coming out of it anytime soon.  Thanks to Chris's endless talking and his pleading for me to eat, I finally started to feel better as the darkness faded around mile 70.  A mix of bananas, Clif Bloks, and water settled my stomach and with some caution I actually started to pass racers again and never got caught by anyone all the way to the finish.  As always and we hear this often, always finish if you physically can which is a victory in itself!  Thanks again for a another great road trip with my Adventure 212 teammates and the Frazier's!  Pedal on...

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