Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Playground

Since the first of the year I've found what I call my fountain of youth.  Fat bike riding around Point has been my fountain and everyday brings with it a different adventure.   With the 26 mile Green Circle Trail as my main ride template, winter and snow bring with it optional routes that just aren't available in the summer.   The fun factor is what makes riding the Pugsley so inviting no matter where I ride it or at whatever speed the trail conditions dictate.  Occasionally the racer in me will crank the 40 pound beast up to warp speed with a few structured fast efforts.  These efforts bring added attention while trying not to scare some people with the loud roar that the hummer sized bike tires make.  Maybe it's the freedom from the trainer during the dark months of winter and the lure of something different that make fat biking popular in the snowbelt?  Who knows for sure, but the demand for these bikes and the many events that are scheduled has been steadily catching more attention in the bike industry.   Check out for the latest news and events if fat bikes catch your fancy at all.  Pedal on...

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