Sunday, May 15, 2011

Survival Race

Broke out of my endurance DNF race slump yesterday by making it to the finish line of the Syllamo's Revenge 125k(75mi). Everything was good at the start once up the mile long climb that led us into the beginning of never ending single track. Just a short distance in I had to stop after burping my rear tubeless tire. I tried to air it back up with no luck as it wouldn't seal at one spot. Tube install #1 and I'm back rolling buried in the pack. Not getting enough air with my mini hand pump led to flat #2 that was a pinch flat. Finally rolling again I eventually get to checkpoint #1 with no race motivation left. It was survival time with no other tube with me until checkpoint #3 and one of the more rocky trails I have ever ridden. By now I was just riding along trying not to crash or flat. It was good to see other racers as I slowly moved back up through the field. At checkpoint #2 I was told I was in 40th with over 50 miles to still cover. The rest of the race went pretty smooth except for one scare where I just about high sided down a technical rocky section. At aid station #3 I was able to air up my rear tire more and it was smooth sailing to the finish with some riding time spent with Dan K. from Michigan for most of the last 1/4 of the race. Finish time was around 8hr13min I believe. Thankfully it wasn't a true 100 mile distance that most NUE series races are because it would have been a long day on the saddle. We left before results were posted. Great race to all my Adv 212/ Specialized teammates and thanks to all sponsors for their support. More to come later as we continue are marathon drive back to Wisconsin. Pedal on...

RESULTS UPDATE - 21st place Men's Open

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