Thursday, April 28, 2011

NUE Cohutta 100

Made it to our cabin for the Cohutta 100 after a long day of driving. Some delays through Cleveland, TN where some severe storms hit yesterday. It's hard to describe what Mother Nature did to parts of this community...nothing that I have ever been so up close to like we were today. On a more positive note, the weather is beautiful here with temps in the mid 60's with sun and the forecast is awesome for Saturday when we race. A huge swing from what we left behind in cold Wisconsin last night. Tomorrow looks to be a somewhat relaxing with no alarm or job to get out of bed for bright and early! Looking forward to pre-riding the first 1/5th of the course in the early afternoon. Need to make sure that the bike and my old body are in sync for a good 100 mile race with 12,000ft of climbing and 7-8 hrs of saddle time. Good luck to the rest of our Adventure 212/Specialized Mtb Team at the WORS opener in Iola on Sunday! Pedal on...

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