Sunday, March 06, 2011

New Big Wheel

Picked up my new ride for the 2011 season today...thanks Pete & Bill! Highlights of the adventure to DePere included having to stuff the over sized 29er bike box into my small car and the Chef Boyardee Ravioli that Pete & Sara shared/introduced to the kids. The reviews were mixed on this weird looking food in a can on whether it was better than the pizza or not??? Other fun side trips worth noting included Seroogy's Homemade Chocolate(for my wife) and a stop at the Luna Cafe which sponsors the Bike Hub/Specialized Mtb Team to caffeinate up for the drive home. This will be year 22 or 23 of competitive mtb racing for me if my memory is still accurate at my old age. As the "Elder" on the Adventure 212/Specialized Mountain Bike Team, I'm very thankful and honored to be part of this talented and fun team for another season! It's great having younger teammates who can help an old guy like me who's close to getting AARP discounts to stay sharp and somewhat speedy. Thanks again to Specialized for giving me the tools to succeed for my 11th consecutive year partnering with the most innovative company in cycling! I'm really looking forward to getting this new big wheeled ride dirty once this damn snow finally melts! Pedal on...

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Jesse said...

Happy New Bike Day, Scott!

I'm looking forward to ride reviews on your new rocketship of a bike!