Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another B-Day Ride, Another Year Closer to AARP Discounts

Dragged my old body out of bed before 5am for my annual b-day ride. Rules are that you must hit your age in miles, not kilometers. The ride must also be completed on your combining of days to reach milestone age mileage!

Once out the door I met my brother at his apartment for some companionship to help keep the pedals turning on this wonderful sunny morning with the outside temp showing a balmy 19F with a possible high of 47F. My route took us south of Point & Plover west of I-39 through many farm fields with some gravel roads mixed in for excitement. You would have thought that last weeks race would have weened me of my need to ride any and all gravel in our county...not going to happen anytime soon unless the roads get paved!!! Back onto pavement we proceeded in a counter clockwise direction as our bottles froze halfway into the ride when you need hydration the most. I only spotted one snow/ice covered road during this b-day celebration on wheels. Hopefully this is a good sign for this weekends HBNSC Spring Classic ride.

Now it's time for work after refueling my forty plus year old motor at Adventure 212's Bistro with a latte and breakfast burrito. Survival time until 7pm at work followed by riding home to see what the family has cooked up for me tonight??? I could easily eat a whole birthday cake the way my appetite has been lately. Pedal on...

S Cole

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