Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Fun Day!

Started my day off by actually sleeping in until 7am which is not the norm for me. Lately I've been up by 4am or earlier on a daily basis if I work or not. Got my morning jump started with some good coffee and a little motivation to get on a bike after watching the live cyclocross World Cup in Hoogerheide, NED. Eventually found my way down to my "Man Cave" where I played around on the rollers before deciding to clean my road bike better and change out the batteries in my dead Power Tap. Upon returning to the wild, wild upstairs, it was time for daddy to pick a movie for the little guy and at first he didn't accept the Disney movie Chicken Little very well. He wanted one of the movies we've seen maybe a few dozen times(Curious George), but after the first false alarm about the sky falling he finally started laughing and accepted my pick. Whew!!! After the movie I downed my pre-ride Nutella and PB sandwich before escaping for a few hours as the Packer game was kicking off. The best time to ride on the roads are during a Packer football game. Only had to watch out for two cars in the few hours that I was out enjoying some peace and quiet. A beautiful day to be outside and the 9F temp wasn't even a concern as it was just great to be riding a bike, even if it was my Pugs which is the slowest bike in my stable, but lots of fun. Walked in the door just as the Packers were trying real hard to give the game back to the Bears. No big deal to me as I'm a sorry Detroit Lion's fan. Finally it was dinner time followed by board and card games with Avita followed by some interruptions to wrestle with Seb. Avita's as competitive as I am from what I can tell...not always a good thing if she loses. Last on the days to-do list is haircut/bath time for Seb and wash/condition/new hairstyle for Avita before it's lights out for both of them. I'm lucky to make it through the bedtime part of the evening as I have built a reputation at home for falling asleep with Seb and waking up around 3am still in my street cloths with my shoes on. Sometimes I'm the one who seems to be out cold first when the goal is always to get him to start sawing logs first. That's my Sunday fun! Pedal on...

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Nathan Guerra said...

Wow Scott, we have pretty similar routines..falling asleep in street clothes on couch after a long day...sounds so familiar :)
I can relate to so much in this post, well beside the outside part (as I am an indoor wuss) and I did actually watch the game, but family juggle is awesome and something I totally relate too.. see ya sooner than we think