Sunday, November 07, 2010


Another ICEMAN is in the books after a challenging day with the course conditions and the havoc the mud played with the drive train. A small amount of snow during the night and race time temps near forty with sunshine turned the course into a muddy stew. 4,000 racers earlier in the day didn't help either as the course was pretty torn up making this one of the most technical Iceman out of the 13 I've completed. The last 20 miles were the worst after getting a bad start that was actually scary with another crash happening on the pavement less than a mile into the race. Chain suck was my biggest worry as I was off my bike at least four times trying to un-jam my chain. All in all it was a great day and event after coming across the line in 25th out of 88 pros. As a team Mike was 8th and earned some cash from the pro purse. Michelle dominated her age cat and Mark was 5th in his age cat for his best Iceman finish ever. Chris was the goodwill ambassador after a crash at the start helping a few more unlucky racers on his way to the finish line. As always a BIG THANKS goes out to my Adventure 212/Specialized Team and sponsors for everything from the support to the great team camaraderie that is always there no matter if we win, place or just show at an event. Over the last three seasons this team has grown into a highly respectable entourage at any event we participate in and has also become somewhat of a second family as we have traveled, feasted, overhauled bikes, harassed each other and just plain have fun when we all get together. Can it get any better next season??? I think it definitely will!!! Pedal on...

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