Friday, September 10, 2010

2nd Wind?
If there is such a thing as getting your 2nd wind, this is the part of my season where it would be nice for the month of September to find it. This season has been one of bad luck and over training. When you start accumulating flats in record numbers and you've worked the old body too hard to the point where it runs like a sick 4 cylinder and not a turbo diesel, something has to change hopefully for the better. With Chequamegon set as a target for getting back on track, I've been listening to my peers and have been actively recovering with low intensity training and only a few prescribed efforts thrown in for tracking my progress. These last two months have always been my favorites with my 16th Cheq Fat 40 coming up along with Iceman #13. No matter how I feel on the bike I'm still a very competitive person and it's still about having fun and with that usually respectable results will follow. This weekend it's off to Grand Geneva for the WORS Treadfest. Pedal on...

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