Thursday, July 08, 2010

Lost Week

This last week has been a blur from crashing hard at Standing Rocks just over a week ago. I'm hoping that my big crashes for the year are out of the way as a week ago I thought my season was over after my hand & wrist was swollen and not working properly. A trip to Walgreens, two different braces, icing, and high doses of Motrin seemed to help rehab what is a very important contact point between man and machine when cycling. With my body patched up, last weekend on the road I managed to beat the storms in our area to get another century in the books for the year with some good friends on some beautiful roads. Tuesday a dozen of us beat each other up with numerous attacks near the end of our 50 mile Tuesday night club road ride. Pain is temporary on most days, but the memories should last hopefully somewhat longer when you're having fun on a bike. This weekend is another WORS weekend with some travel for next week out to Colorado for the Specialized dealer event. Looking forward to being busy with these events and family which is what my life is all about these days. Pedal on...
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