Friday, June 04, 2010

3rd Time = Good Race?

If the 3rd time is suppose to be the charm we'll see what tomorrow's NUE Mohican 100 brings result wise. Trying to be positive and optimistic will be the key for a successful finish rain or shine. Fun is also part of the formula for success at an event that you're on the bike for 8ish hours or less if all goes well. Team Adventure 212/Specialized owner/racer Chris "Jitters" Peariso is poised to do battle after not even getting mentioned in the Velonews or race previews after finishing 2nd at the Cohutta 100 in April. My brother Mark is looking to finish this year after a knee issue took him out at the halfway point last year. In about 30 minutes we'll pull into the Mohicans Adventure where the race finishes and some pre-riding of the start and finish sections will be looked at. Additionally, we may checkout the go kart track later on to relax and take our minds away from mtb racing for a handful of minutes. If Ryan "Black Betty" Krayer was here we would really have some fun rubbing and racing with a gas pedal NASCAR style. Pedal on...
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